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Every order you place at Fresh Seafood Supply is instantly attended to from live lobster, to red king crab, snow crab, dungeness crab,for salmon as well as ribbon fish. From there, your order is hand selected and packed in temperature-controlled, recycleable polystyrene containers.

Fresh Canadian Lobster Order, Frozen Lobster Delivery

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How to Buy Fresh Canadian Lobsters Online at Fresh Seafood Supply

Canadian lobsters (Homarus americanus) are the most valuable species of lobsters with great taste.

Size from 450grams up to 1200grams
Live Lobster
Frozen Whole Raw Lobster
Frozen Whole Boiled Lobsters
Packing: 20kg Cartons
Fresh Maine Lobster Tails are available

Type:  Maine Lobster
Style:    Frozen
Freezing Process:    IQF
Part:    Whole / Tail
Packaging: Master carton 20Kg Net

Buy Fozen Lobster Tails Online / Frozen Maine Or American Lobster Tails For Sale

Frozen Spiny Lobster Tails / Soft shell Lobster Tails For Sale / Order Seafood

Catch: Wild Caught
Type:  Main Lobster Tails
Style:    Frozen
Freezing Process:    IQF
Part:    Whole / Tail
Size: Small 4/5 oz,Med 5/6 oz,Large 8/10 oz,Jumbo 10/12 oz and NEW Giant 16/20 tails
Packaging: Master carton 20Kg Net
Where To Buy Whole Live Spiny Lobsters Online

Fresh Live Rock Lobster, Live Spiny Lobsters Available

Product: Live Lobster
Mortality Rate: 3%
Shrinkage: 2 %
Packing: Carton Box of 10 Kg net aprox.
Average weight: 700 grs. / Unit
Fresh Seafood Supply is a company engaged in a wide rage of Seafood. We harvest and market fresh and frozen canadian lobsters, Spiny Lobsters (rock lobsters). You can order lfrozen lobster tails online at Fresh Seafood Supply

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