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Every order you place at Fresh Seafood Supply is instantly attended to from live lobster, to red king crab, snow crab, dungeness crab,for salmon as well as ribbon fish. From there, your order is hand selected and packed in temperature-controlled, recycleable polystyrene containers.

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Order Fresh Wild Caught Salmon Fish at Fresh Seafood Supply

Fresh atlantic salmon fish is a delicious meal rich in texture and flavor, great taste and health benefits. Research has reported that the level of omega-3 oil found it salmon fish is high and it helps in reducing cholesterol and it also reduces high blood pressure. The omega oil of this fish is life saving.
Fresh Whole Round Ribbon Fish
Types: white eyes, yellow eyes
Sizes(gsm/pc): 100/200, 200/300, 300/500, 500/700, 700/up
Catching by: hook, nets
Packing: whole 10kg/block x2/PE /carton

Buy Fresh Ribbon Fish | Whole Round Ribbon Fish Grade A

Fresh Cod Fish For Sale, Frozen Cod, Fillets, Best prices

We supply fresh COD fish at Fresh Seafood supply in Norway. We do shipment in ice pack to keep it fresh at the time of delivery. Cod is a mild-flavored fish with large, thick, white flakes. Excellent choice for fish and chips, but  it can be easily cooked in a variety of ways

Where Can You Buy Quality Fresh Tuna Fish

Order Fresh Tuna Fish Online - Order Fresh Seafood-  whole round frozen tuna. If you are looking for quality grade fresh tuna fish, you are in the right place. Fresh Seafood Supply ensures you with quality tuna fish in Norway
Fresh Seafood Supply is a company engaged in a wide rage of fresh fish. We harvest and supply fresh salmon fish, fresh ribbon fish, fresh COD fish, fresh tuna fish as well as sardine fish

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